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There is so much more to photographing a wedding than just portraits. The different roles played by the photographer are not always related to photography. The types of photographs taken are rarely just portraits. Choosing a photographer is harder than most people tell you. The options are vast, the skills are varying, but at the end of the day, you need a photographer who specializes in something and is proficient in all things. The wedding day is full of opportunities that include portraits, but also include photojournalism, product photography, candid photography, event planning, and the chance to create a relationship for a lifetime. The first step to a stress-free, memorable day is giving me a call. Long after your bouquet has withered, the cake as been eaten, and the buzz among family and friends has died, your photographs will keep that cherished feeling alive.


I feel an honor when chosen by a bride and groom. Our journey together is just beginning. To make our voyage smooth, constant communication is key. We start with three key meetings prior to the wedding. The first is our introduction. This is where we meet over coffee and discuss your event. I will bring samples of my past work and paperwork for your big day. This is where we hash out as many details as possible and book our next meeting. The second meeting is my favorite. The engagement shoot is always the most fun and a great bonding experience for the bride/groom and the photographer (that's me!) All of my bridal packages include an engagement shoot. Finally, the last meeting prior to the wedding is visiting the venue together. This is where we discuss how the event is going to go, the timing, the areas to stage photography, and the rest of the day. I can get a great idea of lighting and ideas for portraits while at the venue and it is never a good idea to "go in blind." After we visit the venue together, we will grab a bite to eat and check out the photos from the engagement shoot. 


With such a large variety of packages, it is hard to say how the actual event will go. Every event is different. I can tell you that together, we will be prepared for your big day by communicating prior to the event. With our rapport already built, we can rest assured the portraits will be natural and both parties will be comfortable. Visit my portrait wisdom webpage to get great advice from other photographers and writers around the globe. If you have any questions prior to the big day I will be available by phone, text, or email.

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Before you click here, remember what you are paying for. This is an investment that will last longer than your event.

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