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5 exclusive products you must have for your senior portraits

I guarantee you wont find them anywhere else


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Great, you got your senior portrait session booked. Check it off your to-do list. Or, maybe you might have even taken your portraits already! (Good job getting ahead of the rush!) But what do you do with the images? A digital photo is cool for social media and all, but it does nothing for you in the long run. Sure, you need something for the yearbook, and that’s fine, but really you want something to cherish forever.


That is where I come in. I have access to the best portrait products in the industry, I have cutting-edge programs to help design these products, and I can guide you the whole way. Here is a list of our top 5 senior portrait products and why you need them in your home:


  1. Canvas Collections

  2. Contessa Album

  3. Graduation Announcements

  4. Custom Frames

  5. Gift Prints


Canvas Collections are perfect for High School Seniors who incorporate their family into their session. It creates the perfect home gallery and I have over a dozen designs to fit every wall. Canvas Collections include matching digital images, too, so they are a great deal. Our largest collection is the Quintessence with 6- 12x18” canvases surrounding a masterpiece 40x60” canvas. This collection requires an 8’ wall and starts at $2250. If you are looking for a small gallery, our smallest collection is the Santino collection which includes 3-16x24” canvases, starting at $800.


Contessa Albums are a classic in look with a contemporary feel. They are handcrafted in Italy and are finished with warm wood that will accent any coffee table nicely. This album can be passed down for generations. They start with 10 pages that can be custom designed. Starting at $1800.


Graduation Announcements are a huge hit come time for graduation. We have a variety of beautiful designs that fit every style and we can custom design something special for you, too. We can even embellish it with gold or silver foil to make a big statement. Use your favorite images to announce your graduation, your family will appreciate a nice image of you, too. Packs of 25 start at $45.


Custom Frames are the best way to create something that will match your home decor. Choose from dozens of moldings, glass options, finishes and more to create that special frame to cherish for years. All frames are dust sealed and include matching digital images. We can even try to exist your matching frames. Framing starts at $79 for an 8x10” framed print.


Gift Prints are totally perfect for Grandparents or other family members that want a print from your session. They come matted and ready-to-frame in two easy to frame sizes: 5x7 matted to 8x10 and 8x10 matted to 11x14. They start at $48.


So now that you know what our favorites are, tell us what yours are. Let us know what you are interested in during your consultation and we can make sure we photograph you specifically for your favorite products. Call now to book your session and free consultation so you can get the best portrait products in the industry for your upcoming senior portraits.

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