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Raining RainbowsGood timing and great lighting always create amazing photographs. I really don't remember exactly where this was. I was too focused on the camera to see the signs. Investing. It is a word that doesn't always come to mind when you think about photography. That is because you should be more evoked by the art than the price tag. There is a lot more depth, however, to a photograph than what is on the surface. Below the calm surface of that beautiful portrait or landscape is a turbulent tide crashing with hard work, research, and investment.  Tasty WavesLost Coast, CA.

Behind each photograph is years of work. The time spent learning the art, paying for classes, buying equipment and learning how to use it, that was part of my investment into this art. Every year I invest more. What you are paying for that photograph represents a figure of how much I have invested. So why should you invest in a young artists' career? It's simple, growth.

Everyone wants growth on an investment. With this one, it is a no-brainer. The investment will grow. Maybe not quickly, but it is safe. I have years ahead of me to become the next famous photographer. I have already made successful sales throughout Northern California. I have a small reputation that can only grow with time and knowledge. I will guarantee that I will invest in this art.

Ray Ban Light LeakCalifornia Coast


Landscape Photographs are a beautiful addition to any home or office. Imagine waking up to a beautiful beach scene. Looking up from your computer to be completely immersed by an epic mountain photograph. All the emotions that a great photograph can produce, this is something that no other investment can offer. One day down the road, if you do decide to sell your art, I will bet the value has grown with my experiences.

Portrait Photographs are a personalized way to document your family and their personality. If you are interested in prices for portraits please check out the family sessions tab.