Nevada Union High School
approved photographer

Becoming a high school senior is a benchmark of success for most people. You are about to become an adult and learn to be great at whatever you want to do. This moment is special and not only calls for amazing portraits for yearbook purposes, but for setting yourself up for success with a new headshot, and capturing this important moment to cherish forever. Our senior portrait sessions at Nathan Anglin & co. start at $250 and include:

  • hair & makeup by a professional artist

  • 3-hour portrait session BOTH in-studio & on-location

  • pre-session wardrobe consultation

  • post-session portrait reveal with mockups on your very own walls


In the end, you receive a full service portrait session where we take care of everything and you get a beautiful portrait that will test time, no matter the products you choose. Design the ultimate session with a photographer now.